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Discover Nature's Simple Secret Stomach Solution.

"Just a Few Drops Can Balance Your Belly
and Stop Silent Stomach Problems
from Hijacking Your Gut..."

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From the Desk of Ian Clark:
Hi there, my name's Ian Clark and I want to thank you for visiting today!
10 years ago I had a rude awakening to a full-on battle happening in my gut. Following many years of research I was able to fix my problems and now I'd like to share my solutions with you.
Right now a war is raging in your gut, clogging up your digestion and attacking your immune system. You’ve probably felt the belly bombs going off, causing…
  • Embarrassing gas
  • Cramping
  • Painful heartburn
  • Unexplained weight gain
  • Declining cognitive function
  • Moodiness
Maybe they’re going off inside you right now. Let me be clear, these health issues are NOT normal. They are symptoms of a gut that is being taken over by Silent Stomach Problems.
Silent Stomach Problems:
Symptoms of Poor Gut Health That Mask Themselves as “Something Else”
Silent stomach problems don’t always show themselves the way you’d think.
Obvious things — like an upset stomach — aren’t the only kinds of symptoms that silent stomach problems can cause. They can also mask themselves as other issues. 
Slow metabolism… Poor organ function… Memory problems… These problems start silently in the gut and spread through your whole body. All the while, they secretly chip away at your health while remaining unnoticed or untreated…
Even when they are addressed, they usually don’t get the right kind of attention.

How do I know all this?
I experienced it first-hand
10 years ago.

There were a few special ingredients that helped me with my health. Today I’m going to show you one ingredient in particular that helped me optimize my gut fast.
In fact, it wasn’t just fast — it was pretty simple too.
Don’t get me wrong — it took a lot of hard work and 10 years of research to wake me up to how many of my  health problems were connected to poor gut health and how often symptoms like silent stomach problems are made out to be unnecessarily complicated.
But once I knew all of that — I realized that the answer to my common gut problems was actually an ingredient that had been in my kitchen the whole time.
Today I’m going to show you what I found. I’m going to show you the 3 things that contribute to poor gut health and silent stomach problems and the simple #1 food that helps me fight them every day.
It’s my secret weapon against silent stomach problems.
A lot of people don’t know this, but your gut is by far the most important place in your body. Not only is your gut responsible for breaking down and storing all of your energy (food), it’s also home to nearly 80% of your immune system.
— the father of medicine —
believed that most health problems start in your gut.
Your gut is the center for your body’s greatest defense system.
When gas, bloating and other issues take over your gut, your whole body is left defenseless. Your food stops being digested properly and everything you eat ends up getting stored as EXTRA, unhealthy FAT.
In some cases, your internal plumbing can even become clogged as food literally starts to rot in your belly.
It's called gut rot.
  • You feel sick, bloated and your breath stinks (no matter how often you brush your teeth or how much gum you chew)
  • Your skin dries out and cracks
  • You feel tired constantly
  • You start to gain weight
This was one of the first things I discovered:

An Unhealthy Belly Can Make You an Emotional Wreck.

bad health
  • High Stress
  • Mood Swings
  • Long-Term Sadness
  • Irritability
  • Anger
These are just a few of the ways bad gut health can mess with your mind.

“Time and time again, we hear from people that they never felt depressed or anxious until they started experiencing problems with their gut.”
Dr. Kirsten Tillisch
Your gut health and emotional health are deeply connected. Your gut is so in tune with your entire body that it’s actually often called the “second brain”, sending signals back and forth to the brain in your head.
Your gut and brain talk to each other. When your stomach is upset, so are you.
How do you soothe silent stomach problems and stop your upset stomach from affecting these other areas of your health?
Balance Your Belly Bacteria.
One of the most common problems lurking behind stomach problems is too much BAD BACTERIA.
Not ALL Bacteria are BAD BACTERIA.
There are 300-500 different types of bacteria living in your gut right now.
You Have 10x More Bacteria Cells in Your Gut Than Human Cells in Your Body.
Bacteria make up about 3 lbs of your body weight!
You WANT bacteria in your gut:
The trick is to maintain a healthy balance with GOOD BACTERIA.
You don’t want to wipe out ALL the bacteria in your gut — in fact, you’d die without them.
You want to make sure there are BIGGER, STRONGER, GOOD BACTERIA to outnumber and repair the damage caused by any BAD BACTERIA living in your gut.
The problem is that thanks to a lot of silent stomach problems (like inflammation — bad bacteria’s #1 weapon of choice) your gut isn’t a friendly place for good bacteria to grow. So even if you take a probiotic, the good bacteria in your gut die off too quickly.
It’s a constant battle happening in your belly every second of the day.
A gut-wrenching war that most people are losing thanks to a few scary things in your food, the air you breathe and the world we live in.
Below I’ve listed 3 of the almost unavoidable things that throw off your belly balance every day. You’ll quickly realize why it’s so hard to maintain a bulletproof gut — even with this new information.
3 Gut-Wrenching Killers
of Good Bacteria That Lead to Silent Stomach Problems.
scribble line
1. AIR
This is the most unavoidable perpetrator of bad bacteria balance, poor gut health and more silent stomach problems. It may sound weird at first, but the air you breathe actually affects your belly balance.
Take something as simple as rubber dust. No matter where you go, if you take a breath, chances are you’re breathing in some rubber dust.
Rubber dust is blown from the roads, up into wind currents worldwide. In the U.S. ALONE about 600,000 tonnes of the stuff is released into the air you breathe each year. You breathe it in and your body is unhealthier because of it.
Remember how I said that 80% of your immune system is housed in your gut? Well, a weak immune system can lead to even more gut issues, which then weaken it even more. It’s like a downward spiral.
Mix this toxic rubber dust with general pollution, which can also lead to unhealthy inflammatory responses inside your body and you’ll quickly realize that the air you’re breathing may be lurking behind your bad belly balance and most common stomach problems.
It can be as simple as the food you eat. The things you put into your mouth each day are major contributors to your gut symptoms and the death of good bacteria in your gut. Below are 4 foods that throw off your belly balance:
➜ Coffee
Coffee makes your cells release extra hydrochloric acid. Higher acid levels create an environment where bad bacteria thrive.
Coffee also makes your food move from your stomach to your small intestine before it’s finished digesting. This can clog up your plumbing and lead to gut rot, which again leads to more gut symptoms.
➜ Meat & Cheese
A Harvard Study showed that filling up on meat or cheese every day increases the BAD BUGS living in your gut.
A nasty growth of bacteria show up to feed off the extra bile that is produced to break down the fats and sugars in the meat. These types of bacteria cause your most common gut symptoms as they spread through and populate your gut.
Meat and cheese can also bring in many of their own bugs that infest your gut if eaten in large amounts or too frequently.
➜ Sugar/Artificial Sweeteners
One of the main reasons sugar makes you gain weight is because it alters your gut flora — the balance of GOOD vs. BAD BACTERIA in your gut.
When that happens, belly bloat takes over. But it doesn’t stop in your gut… A research team at Oregon State University found that the type of BAD BACTERIA that specifically feed off sugar have a direct effect on your brain; on your memory, your mood and your capacity to learn.
The BAD BACTERIA that love sugar can also impact your immune system. When that happens, you can experience respiratory and skin problems.
What’s scarier is that even if you avoid sugar, you’re still probably consuming something even worse for you — artificial sweeteners (even if you think you aren’t).
These sweeteners hurt your gut and create an environment where bad belly bugs and inflammation thrive.
Whether it’s in food or toiletries like toothpaste, most of us hurt our belly balance with artificial sweeteners even if we don’t know it.
“This work suggests that fat and sugar are altering your healthy bacterial systems… It’s not just the food that could be influencing your brain, but an interaction between the food and microbial changes.”
3. Chemicals
Whether they’re in the air you breathe, the food you eat or the water you drink, dangerous chemicals are one of the TOP enemies of good gut bacteria. Things like…
➜ Pesticides
➜ Herbicides
➜ Fertilizers
➜ Rubber dust
These are all contributors to a body where silent stomach problems spread and your belly’s bacteria balance suffers.
Pesticides are sprayed onto your food and fertilizers grow into your food. These chemicals are sprayed up into the air and down onto your food. Even if you eat organic, non-GMO fruits and vegetables, chemicals like pesticides are carried through the wind to other fields, seep into the ground water and wash into rivers. You are at risk, no matter how you eat or where you live.
Changing Your Gut Microbiome…
Now, more studies need to be done, but there is evidence that suggests that chemicals in fertilizers and pesticides change your gut ‘microbiome’ — the community of bacteria, good and bad, in your belly. When that happens you start to experience more bloating, constipation, indigestion or even worse — a leaky gut.
Mix those 3 gut-wrenchers together and you’ve got a dangerous cocktail for bad health.
The problem is that most of the culprits I just mentioned are pretty hard to avoid. Giving up some of them would mean turning your back on your favorite foods or buying only expensive organic meat and produce — something most people can’t afford. So what do you do?
Well, instead of worrying about limiting the growth of bad bacteria in your gut, focus on creating an environment in your gut that encourages GOOD BACTERIA to grow.
Like I said, bacteria are a GOOD thing to have in your stomach — as long as you have the RIGHT ones. And stomach problems are sometimes a normal response to infections or health problems.
The problem is when you have too much bad bacteria causing ongoing, undetected stomach problems — a.k.a SILENT Stomach Problems. That’s when everything goes haywire in your digestive system.
The best way to stop that from happening is to create an environment where your good bacteria can naturally grow and thrive.
An environment where you eventually won’t need things like probiotics because your belly is balanced and working optimally on its own.
A Belly Free froM Common Digestive Issues.
Here's how you do it... The only reason I know about silent stomach problems is because I had to deal with them myself.
Of course, I didn’t know they were what was causing so many of my annoying, uncomfortable, upsetting health problems at the time — hence the “silent” part. Like most people, my gut problems were being mistaken for other issues.
"You’re just in a bad mood." "It’s only indigestion, it will pass!" "Well… you’re just getting older."
I had already begun my journey towards health at that point. I had had some close calls and I was working to figure out how to protect my body for the long-term and keep it healthy. At this point I realized that I needed to fix my gut with natural health solutions.
You know what my big lesson was? The thing that brought lifelong health into view for me?
I had a lot of problems in those early years and I solved each one by nourishing my body with exactly what it was missing.
Right now I’m going to show you the #1 food that opened up my eyes to the silent stomach problems that were still plaguing me.
By using this one superfood I was able to fight many of my common health issues at their source and get not just relief, but long-lasting relief.
The best part? It’s something that’s probably already in your kitchen right now. So without further delay…
Here It Is:
The #1 Superfood That Helped Me Balance My Belly and Soothe My Silent Stomach Problems:
You might recognize it... It’s a common seed and spice that’s in some of your favorite foods. Today I’m going to show you how using it got my gut back online.
Coriander seeds

These little seeds are one of the most powerful ancient remedies for gut problems. When I stumbled upon them, I had no clue about the history of healing that they had… the countless lives that this seed had improved.
But I quickly realized why…
It has to do with the way coriander seeds — and, more specifically, coriander seed oil — help your body maintain healthy digestion.
And then there’s the way coriander supports your liver’s ability to flush out harmful toxins.
Now, I can’t take credit for figuring this out. Like I said, this is ancient wisdom. Coriander has been used as a natural healer for over 5,000 years.
The seeds were first sown in ancient Egypt and their power is even mentioned in the Bible.

— the father of medicine himself —
regularly used coriander for its medicinal benefits
In Europe, coriander oil is recognized for its ability to help promote healthy blood sugar levels. In the U.S. it’s now being studied for supporting healthy cholesterol.
But none of that is why I’m showing it to you.
I’m showing you this special seed because it has also been used in India for centuries as a way to keep bellies balanced. A natural remedy for promoting a healthy immune system and soothing a gut that’s gone awry.
You see…. I was introduced to this superfood by a former athlete. A man who was suffering from many gut issues (some much more severe than mine). A lot of silent stomach problems (mostly inflammation-related) had spread through his gut and were blocking his food from being digested.
He was starving.
He felt a natural remedy was his last chance. He started experimenting with seeds and pressing them into homemade oils.
Within a few years… well, the results were incredible.
By the time our paths crossed he was the picture of health. He showed me a few oils that had really turned everything around for him. One the first oils that stood out for me was made from coriander seeds.
This was one of the first oils that I noticed working right away. I could feel something changing in my body.
My body felt like it was getting exactly what it was missing.
You know that feeling of steady decline? The feeling that, no matter how well you eat or how much you exercise, you can’t escape the ravages of time?
This was the opposite of that.
I was used to feeling worse as I aged but this was one of those special foods that completely changed how I felt. I needed to know why. The answer was its ability to balance belly bacteria. I had found some pretty amazing superfoods and minerals up to that point but none of them were addressing the worst silent stomach problem that was spreading through my gut — excess inflammation.
Coriander Oil Balances One of The Worst Silent Stomach Problems:
Bad Bacteria
scribble line
Coriander not only promotes a healthy inflammation response, it also supports your immune system. The two go hand in hand.
Remember how I said that 80% of your immune system is housed in your gut?
Well, when there is no balance in your gut, it can limit your immune system's ability to function properly. This promotes an environment in your gut where bacteria in your digestive system get out of balance… It’s called dysbiosis.
The opposite of what you want.
This can negatively affect your immune system health and create silent stomach problems that can spread beyond your gut.
What happens next?
You guessed it — more imbalance.
The whole thing is a vicious cycle that ends with your belly out of balance and your health on the decline. Coriander stops that from happening.
Coriander promotes a balanced inflammation response and supports your immune system in the process.

Once your gut is balanced it becomes a more habitable place for GOOD BACTERIA to naturally grow and thrive.
GOOD BACTERIA move in, quickly regaining a foothold in your gut, evening out the battleground against BAD BACTERIA. Your body becomes exponentially healthier as all of your systems begin working better.
Even more than that, coriander seeds are filled with chemical compounds that have a positive effect on your digestive health. Here are just a few…
6 Chemical Compounds in Coriander That Help You Balance Your Belly

➜ Borneol: This compound, found in coriander, helps to keep your digestive system balanced, even if you may have eaten some ‘questionable’ food.
➜ Citronellol: Another compound in coriander, citronellol helps promote a healthy balance of bacteria in your body. If your stomach is upset this compound can help tremendously.
➜ Linalool: This chemical component aids digestion and helps to regulate bowel movements.
➜ Camphene: An analgesic, camphene also keeps your microbiome in balance, and is an antioxidant.
➜ Magnesium: Among the other vitamins and minerals that coriander contains, magnesium is especially important because it neutralizes stomach acid and helps to move your bowels. If constipation is causing you stomach pain, the magnesium in coriander is a big plus.
➜ Cineole (eucalyptol): This is a compound found in coriander that supports joint comfort. Stomach upset can often lead to pain in other areas of the body, so this can help if that is a common symptom for you.
Coriander also performs other actions in the body that help you recover from occasional stomach problems more quickly and with greater comfort. While you can take coriander to help you deal with acute stomach issues, you can also take it on a regular basis in order to maintain a healthy enzyme balance, protect you from questionable food and support your immune system.

This seed, this ancient remedy for promoting healthy levels of inflammation and keeping gut problems at bay, is by far the easiest (natural) way to balance your belly.
It’s a powerful secret weapon you can start using today to win the war happening within your gut.
Trust me, I’ve tried just about everything and this is the best ingredient I’ve found for gut health.
Now, at this point you may be thinking… “If the answer to optimal gut health is just a spice in my cupboard, can I just eat that?”
Even if you don’t regularly consume this spice in dishes like chili or salsa already, you might be planning to head to the grocery store at this point.
That’s what I tried when I first was shown coriander seed oil.
“Why not just eat the seeds?” I asked.
And, in fact, I did try to do just that, except it didn’t work. Which is why, before you do anything, I’m going to save you some time and issue you a big warning…
WARNING: Just Eating Coriander Seeds is Not Enough.
The soil that most of these seeds come from is seriously lacking in some essential minerals, vitamins and general nutrition. Why?
➜ acid rain
➜ lack of crop rotation
➜ little to no land rest
Compromised crops mean that even if you wanted to just eat the seeds, you’d have to shove handfuls of them into your mouth on a daily basis. You’d need to eat hundreds of this spicy seed just to reap any of the rewards.
And that doesn’t even address how hard that would be as far as taste goes.
This seed is a spice. Its flavor is as powerful as its digestive benefits. That’s why recipes call for such small amounts — it’s strong.
Can you think of a curry recipe that calls for a cup of coriander seeds? Didn’t think so. When I tried to eat just the seed it never worked for this exact reason. I couldn’t find creative ways to ingest the number of raw seeds I would have needed to consume on a daily basis for any lasting relief.
No matter what I tried, everything paled in comparison to the oil that my friend had shown me…
The powerful coriander oil that played a major role in helping both of us balance our belly bacteria and soothe many of our silent stomach problems at their source.
Years later, I am still thankful every day that I was given a bottle of that oil and today, in this report, I want to pay it forward. I want to share with you one of the best foods that changed my life. It can change yours too.

Now I want to introduce this to you:
Perfect Press
Coriander Oil
(also the purest Coriander Seed Oil in the World)
Coriander Bottle 15ml Discover the Exact Coriander Solution that Helped Me
Like I said, I found that the most powerful way to harness the benefits of coriander seeds was by crushing them into an oil.
Coriander seeds are very small, so as you can imagine, you need to press hundreds, even thousands to get a substantial amount of oil. Each drop of coriander oil is packed with health-promoting nutrients.
Every drop of oil is like swallowing a cup of coriander seeds.
It took me a while to realize this but when I did, I became obsessed with pressing as many nutrients out of these little seeds as possible.
Because I realized that something special happened when I pressed these seeds…
I realized that pressing coriander seeds unlocks many nutrients that would never get digested if they weren’t crushed and turned into oil beforehand.
Nutrients that would otherwise pass through my gut unused. Nutrients like gut-soothing fats, free radical-fighting antioxidants and BAD BACTERIA neutralizers.
How Does Coriander Oil Soothe Your Gut?
It starts with fat.
In fact — more often than not — fat can be your friend.
Especially the healthy fats in coriander seed oil.
Coriander oil delivers a powerful dose of balanced healthy fats straight to your gut. Healthy fats (especially the omegas) that help to promote balanced levels of inflammation everywhere in your body. These fats immediately go to work, giving your body what it needs to support healthy bacteria.
Within weeks of taking this oil I could feel the fats doing their magic and unclogging my gut.
Things just seemed to work better. My body was digesting my food more smoothly and quickly and everything felt lighter.
The best part? Not only does coriander seed oil contain healthy fats, it may also help your body absorb and convert more omega–3s naturally.
Coriander Seed Oil May Be the Answer to Getting Your Body to Absorb More Omega–3s from the Food You Already Eat
Some things you just don’t see coming. Some things sneak up on you and — before you know what hit you — it’s too late. Inflammation is one of those things…
The best (natural) way to make sure that doesn’t happen is by making sure your body always has enough omega–3 fats. Preferably EPA or DHA.
They help your body maintain its healthy inflammation response at its source — your gut.
The problem is it can be hard to get those kinds of omega–3s from food sources and your body can only convert and use a small amount at a time.
That’s where this coriander seed oil comes in…
Now, there's new research that shows coriander seed oil may be able to boost the amount of omega–3s your gut can convert and absorb from your food…
New studies report that by feeding fish coriander seed oil, researchers were able to boost the amount of omega–3 fat that their bellies could convert and use.
When they eat just a few drops of coriander oil DAILY, fish absorb more omega–3s from all of their other foods.
Imagine what it could do for you!
Imagine getting more omega–3s naturally from your food without changing your diet… Omega–3s that promote proper levels of inflammation. Omega–3s that can keep your gut healthy.
That’s the nutritious power you could be ingesting daily.
Coriander seed oil is also loaded with antioxidants and healthy fats that fight free radicals and oxidative stress.
These are two culprits behind accelerated aging. Everything from hair loss to skin problems to declining brain function. Coriander has the power to help your body manage the damage that free radicals cause.
The best part?
Coriander seed oil might also help protect your gut when you’ve eaten something ‘off’...
A study in a medical journal reported that solutions containing small amounts of coriander oil had a strong effect on bacteria in questionable foods.
Research is still being done, but reports over the last few years have shown that coriander oil can be a powerful weapon for keeping bad bacteria in your food at bay.
This may explain another way it contributes to better gut flora when you take the oil internally. The coriander seed oil goes in and controls the bacteria that enter by way of what you eat. This soothes your silent stomach problems in the process.
To put it simply…
Coriander Seed Oil
Healthy Gut Flora
Now you may be thinking… “Why don’t I just take a probiotic if healthy gut flora is the answer?”
You see, what most companies don’t tell you about probiotics is that a lot of the good bacteria in store-bought probiotics die before you even ingest them. And that’s because, for bacteria to grow and thrive, they need a stable environment.
Factors like store temperature, exposure to too much oxygen and time on the shelf can leave a lot of probiotics useless. Especially when we’re talking about ending the war that’s raging in your gut.
Even the high quality probiotics that do stay alive long enough to make it to your gut might not work if your gut is out of balance.
Dead on arrival is the term that sums it up best.
Plus, probiotics only contain certain bacterial strains. There are a lot more out there (many not even identified yet) that can benefit our bellies but that you can’t find in a bottle.
Fermented foods (if they aren’t pasteurized) can be a good source of friendly bacteria with a wider variety of strains, but they can be hard to find in stores these days.
Even if you do find fermented foods and a good probiotic though, the good bacteria in them will not be able to survive and heal your gut if you haven’t created an environment where they can thrive.
That’s why coriander seed oil is so special.
It helps create that optimal environment in your gut where your own GOOD BACTERIA can grow and thrive naturally.
Which is what you really want.
After discovering all this information, it’s probably no surprise that this oil was one of the superfoods that changed my life. And it’s why I’m sure every drop of coriander seed oil you take is going to help you with your stomach problems too.
That’s why, right now, I’m excited to show you how you can get your hands on the purest raw coriander seed oil in the world…
Perfect Press
Coriander Oil
Coriander Bottle 15ml
You see, when this oil worked for me I didn’t just want to figure out why it worked but also how I could make it work even better.
I spent years researching, traveling the world and working with an engineer in Germany to figure out how to produce the best, most nutrient-packed coriander seed oil in the world.
Today I want to share my discoveries with you…
To make the best coriander seed oil in the world you have to first figure out 2 things…
#1: How to get as many nutritious seeds into one bottle as possible.
Like I said, for you to experience any of the gut-soothing benefits of coriander seeds you would need to ingest handfuls of them every day. So my first priority was getting as many seeds into each bottle as possible, which meant extracting as much oil from each seed as possible.
And let me just say: mission accomplished. Each bottle of Perfect Press Coriander Oil is made from pressing thousands of raw coriander seeds. Not just any coriander seeds either: organic, non-GMO coriander seeds packed with nutrients.
That brings me to number two…
#2: How to press the seeds without damaging the nutrients inside.
Every other seed oil out there is manufactured using heat or chemicals to extract the oils from the the seed. The problem with that is that heat damages the nutrients inside the seed. When you add chemicals into the mix, that creates a whole new set of problems. You may have heard that when you cook things they lose some of their nutrients…
Well, the same thing happens when you try to press seeds. It creates friction and the friction creates an enormous amount of damaging heat. Companies pour these damaged and nutritionally compromised oils into bottles and still expect you to pay for them. I knew that I didn’t want any part of that. This was what brought me to Germany. There I met an engineer and together we developed a technology that we call Perfect Press® that presses the oil from seeds like coriander, raw.
No heat. No chemicals.
Just raw, undamaged oils with powerful nutrients straight from the seed. It’s a type of extraction that not only makes the seed oil more powerful but it also extends its life so that each drop of oil stays fresh right up until it hits your stomach.
It feels like your gut is absorbing the healthy nutrients from hundreds of fresh coriander seeds daily...
Over the years, my team and I have made sure Perfect Press® Coriander Oil is the easiest and purest way to experience the soothing power of coriander seeds on a daily basis.
Coriander seeds that promote better gut health and better belly balance.
Coriander seeds that keep your GOOD bacteria healthy and happy in your gut.
Coriander seeds that nourish your body and maintain a proper inflammation response. The best part? I knew when I first tried this powerful oil that I wanted to share this with everyone I could.
I knew I wanted to perfect it while still keeping it affordable — and that’s just what my team and I did.
This solution is cheaper than nearly every other store-bought gut remedy you’ll find. Even the cheapest of stomach solutions can’t compare in price because they’re bandaids. You sometimes need to buy them multiple times per month to experience any relief.
Perfect Press Coriander Seed oil is nothing like that. It’s one of the only natural ways to fight gut problems at their source instead of just targeting symptoms. It only takes one bottle a month to fight humiliating symptoms like…
  • Embarrassing gas
  • Cramping
  • Memory and mood problems
  • Painful heartburn
  • Bloating
  • Unexplained weight gain
In some cases it can stop these symptoms of an unbalanced gut all together.
Imagine that?
Imagine getting real relief from your silent stomach issues and belly bombs — while also upgrading your overall health in the process.
What’s that worth to you?
What Is freedom from the symptoms of Silent Stomach Problems worth to you?
My guess is quite a lot. It was to me at least and it was to the other people that Perfect Press® Coriander Oil has helped. Luckily for them, getting natural relief wasn’t just easy — it was also dirt cheap…
Alecia P.
Alecia P.
Chicago, IL
One of my favorites...
One of my favorites. Coriander has been my go to oil aside from 5 seed and ease, and OA. I take to droppers full initially. And often about 6 drops under my tongue at night.
It has helped my [digestion] tremendously, any stomach problems have been reduced; If am not feeling 100% from something I take it. It relieves nausea and other things related to it; I have it in my toothpaste along with coconut oil and baking soda and tea tree; it has helped with my migraines, although it is not "known" for that.
But mainly it is my go to oil after the ease (which I know isn't an oil, but use several times a day, as well).
I guess a good example would be this week. I have been hit with some weird [bug]. Stomach funkiness, headache constant throughout my head and then drifting to the right side and back to all over. Nausea. Muscle pain everywhere, chills and overheating. Just weird. So I have been taking my oils in two doses. But the coriander I have added alone anytime I felt really nauseous or my stomach was hurting or more like rumbling. And it has made a difference.
My fatigue level is still low but better than it was. This has been since Sunday night. I would say I am about 50% better. And I believe a lot of where I am now has been helped by the oils but mainly the coriander. *
Rita K.
Rita K.
Kingsville, TX
Started feeling relief after the first day...
I have digestive problems that result in abdominal pain after every meal. After the first day, I started feeling relief enough so that I knew this product was already working on my digestive problems.
By the next day I was able to eat and not have to run to the bathroom. I also didn't have to lay down in order to get some relief from the abdominal pain. I'm amazed that this worked so quickly. I just wish my doctor would have told me about this product especially this brand.
This product is 100% organic and vegan. It comes in a dark Miron glass bottle, which protects this product. I can't wait to get my daughters on this product as we all suffer from digestive issues. Much thanks for introducing me to this great product. *
Jan C.
Jan C.
Tampa, FL
I love the coriander oil...
I have a few of your products and I love the coriander oil I started taking it for energy and stamina which I find help me a lot.
I also suffer from grinding teeth when I sleep which can cause pain in the morning and I swish the oil in my mouth for a few mins and the pain goes away. *
You see, I was not the only person whose life was transformed because of this oil...
Perfect Press Coriander Oil has helped thousands of people balance their belly bacteria and soothe their guts within a matter of weeks — and that number is only growing.
Not one of these people had to pay an arm and a leg for that relief either. Relief, from this life-changing product, came at the cost of just $49.
That’s less than any half-decent probiotic you’ll find on the market.
That’s (in the long run) less money than any store-bought quick fix that requires you to buy multiple bottles each month.
That’s less than most people’s phone bills.
$49 to be free from the grip silent inflammation has on your gut. $49 to finally take back control of your gut and unlock the full potential of your entire digestive system. Your liver, your belly and your immune system — all of it.
Remember, every single bottle contains the nutritional power of THOUSANDS of undamaged coriander seeds. THOUSANDS of life-improving organic coriander seeds that will change your gut microbiome forever. Now before you do anything, I want to show you a photo…
That’s me just a few years after I started using oils like Perfect Press Coriander Oil.
I got my life back and this is one of the superfoods that helped me do it. I’ve dedicated my life to sharing that feeling of top level, limitless health with people just like you.
I know this product is going to improve your life, like it did mine, like it did Jan’s and Rita’s and Alecia’s.
I really do stand by this product. I stand by its benefits. I stand by its power for your digestive health. And that’s why I’m not just giving you a minimum 20 or 30 days to try this product out…
I’m going to give you
60 days to try this product risk-free
I’m going to put a phone number at the bottom of this page and if at any point you have questions or you feel that this product isn’t working for you, you can call my team and get help.
No risks.
No hassles.
I’m going to go one step further and make this even easier right now. If you enroll in our Auto Delivery program below, I’m going to give you as much as 15% off your Perfect Press Coriander Oil every month going forward. That makes the decision to reclaim control over your gut more affordable than ever before.
And don’t worry…
With all of the options, you can cancel or get a refund at any time over the 60 days.
Starting right now, you can feel this oil unlocking your gut and upgrading your whole body health — completely risk-free. It’s truly amazing and I know you’re going to love it. I can’t wait for you to get started.
The only question is… can you? Don’t waste another second being held back by silent inflammation, bad belly bacteria and poor digestive health.
Take the leap and enjoy.
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What are the main benefits of coriander?
Coriander has many benefits and uses. Here are just a few:
➜  It’s great for digestion
➜  It’s a source of healthy fats
➜  It supports organ health to help flush out toxins
➜  It contains powerful natural antioxidants
➜  It regulates menstruation
➜  It helps with acne & other skin issues
➜  It has natural bacteria-balancing properties
➜  It helps with managing worry/stress
➜  It helps to balance blood sugar levels
➜  It supports hair growth.
Why is your coriander oil so special?
Perfect Press Coriander Seed Oil is the only RAW coriander seed oil available in the world. Perfectly Pressed® from thousands of organic coriander seeds, each drop of oil is extracted without the use of heat, meaning that there is absolutely no damage to its nutritional properties.
There are a few other companies out there making coriander oil, but they all use heat or steam extraction.
How much should I take?
Each bottle comes with a dropper attached to the lid. Take half dropper (0.5 ml), under the tongue, with some food or in a drink/smoothie each day. If taken in this way, one bottle will last roughly 30 days.
Remember, this is a powerful oil and everyone is different. We always recommend trying a small amount to see how your body reacts first.
What does it taste like?
Coriander oil is a lot like cilantro. Most people absolutely LOVE the taste, though some find it soapy.
If you love the taste, take a half dropper straight under your tongue. If you aren’t a fan, add it to some food or water.
You can also put coriander on your skin. It’s great for blemishes, pimples and other skin issues (always spot test first to see how your skin reacts).
What if I don’t like Perfect Press® Coriander Oil?
While most people LOVE Perfect Press™ Coriander Oil, if you don’t — that’s okay. As always, you are completely covered by our 60 day money back guarantee.
Do you have any videos where I can learn more about Perfect Press® Coriander Oil?
Of course! Here is a video about the many benefits of Perfect Press® Coriander Seed Oil…
Can I cook with it?
We don’t recommend cooking with coriander oil as it is a raw seed oil and the heat may damage some of its nutritional components. That being said, it’s a free country!
What thousands of customers and a lot of us here at Activation love to do is add coriander oil to food after it’s been cooked. You can also add it to a smoothie, some juice or a salad — anything not too hot!
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